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Amazing Washing Powder

BIOMatic Ultra Washing Powder

BIOMatic washing powder / detergent is Ultra Concentrated and can be used for washing machines and for hand washing in both cold and hot water. BIOMatic washing powder Cares for your money, by ensuring up to 4 X MORE washes than regular washing powder brands. This truly is an amazing product. Saves you money! Let us show you how BIOMatic Washing Powder gives you 4 X MORE


How big is your washing Powder Scoop?

See above:

The BIOMatic Washing Powder scoop compared to another regular washing powder’s scoop.

On the left side you can see a regular washing powder scoop of 100 grams; which is the recommended dose to use.

On the right side you can see the BIOMatic washing powder mini scoop.

Two scoops (recommended dose) is 25 grams, which means you use 4 x LESS washing powder!


A 1.5 kilogram box of BIOMatic Washing Powder will give you up to 60 washes. If you were to compare that to any other regular washing powder, you would need 6 Kilograms of washing powder, for the same amount of washes!

Scum Test - Remove the Scum from your washing machine

  • Most washing powders do not dissolve in water. If you do a simple Scum test and place two spoons of your detergent into a large glass of water and stir for as long as you can.
  • You will notice a thick scum on the top and bottom of the glass. See how most of the BIOMatic Washing Powder dissolves in the the glass on the right.
  • This SCUM – “cholesterol” together with the dirt and fabric softener builds up and clogs the outer drum and pipes of your washing machine similar to cholesterol in your arteries.
  • This SCUM also builds up in your clothes causing white to grey.
  • This SCUM build up in your drum, can cause black or white grease like marks to randomly appear on your clothes.
  • Why take this chance with your washing machine that costs you thousands?


BIOMatic removes the “SCUM” from your drum


BIOMatic is recommended for all makes of washing machines by Early Bird Services because it cleans your washing machine. BIOMatic not only removes the “scum”, but also keeps your washing machine clean ensuring a cleaner machine for a cleaner wash. See pics below.


Normal Washing Powders clog your washing machine drum with scum

We did a boilout on a washing machine that used a washing powder containing SCUM /undissolved Fatty sediment.

To do a “boilout” we took the recommended dose of BIOMatic, and let the machine run on the hottest cycle with no clothes in it. The results are amazing!

The first picture shows an outer drum before we did the boil out. In the second picture, you can see the sock that we attached to the outlet of the washing machine, which caught the fatty sediment that BIOMatic removed from the drum. Imagine this SCUM coming being redeposited on your clothes!!!

Gentle Stain Remover

BIOMatic is also excellent on stains like ink, fat, grease, wine, beetroot, blood and food and is great for overnight soaking; yet it is still soft on your clothes as BIOMatic doesn’t contain any harmful bleaches that tend to cause fabric damage to your valuable clothes and even fade dark colours. Keeps your whites white and has special brighter for your colours.

Ideal for Hand Wash

  • BIOMatic new generation washing powder does your washing while you sleep! Just soak it overnight and the washing is clean the next morning.
  • BIOMatic contains BIO enzymes that remove ingrained dirt, with no effort. With old style high foam washing powder you need lots of foam to rub and scrub.
  • Now, new generation BIOMatic cleans your clothes without foam and without rubbing & scrubbing!
  • BIOMatic saves your valuable clothes from fabric damage, caused by all the rubbing and scrubbing with high foam washing powders; therefore your clothes will last longer and keep their original colours longer. Also, you will suffer no more irritation of arthritis from washing clothes by hand.
  • BIOMatic saves your back from back ache, saves your hands from pain and discomfort in cold water, and saves your hands and nails from cracking and damage.
  • So, why sweat, when you can rest and let BIOMatic do your washing for you?

Hand Wash – Before 

BIOMatic does your washing while you sleep


 We added 2 level scoops (25 Grams) of BIOMatic washing powder and let it soak overnight.

Hand Wash – After 

BIOMatic does your washing while you sleep

The next morning the clothes are clean and the water is dirty! The powerful BIO Enzymes in BIOMatic washing powder cleaned the clothes without rubbing and scrubbing.

Stain removal power

Removing stains with ease | BIOMatic Washing Powder

For extra dirty items we made a paste of a few grams of washing powder with a little bit of water and rubbed it on the stains. Even ingrained dirt, ink, grease and food stains have been proven to come out without rubbing and scrubbing. The results are amazing after soaking the slippers over night and adding just a little bit extra BIOMatic powder directly onto the stains.

Read some of our WOW testimonial letters to find out how well BIOMatic works for our ecstatic customers.

Whiten white clothes with BIOMatic Washing Powder

Your washing will be sparkling clean and your whites will be bright. This is one of the items we hand washed by soaking overnight, and as you can see it came out bright and clean, without any rubbing and scrubbing!

Ethical Living Rating

BIOMatic washing powder has received the top overall rating by Ethical Living Magazine for washing powders in the detergent industry in South Africa.

Each company and product was rated in the following areas: Environmental reporting; Nuclear Power; Pollution; Climate Change; Pollution   Toxics; Habitats and Resources; Animal testing etc. To read more about the results and where the other detergents were ranked click here

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