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Power 8


Power 8 is a combination of 8 powerful Vitamins and mineral supplements that every family needs to painting good health and boost their immune systems to avoid the many diseases that are on the increase.

These supplements are proven will protect you from many diseases and viruses and enhance your health.

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Power 8 Immunity &  Health Boost Pack to really boost your immune system.


Power 8 is a combination of 8 powerful Vitamins and mineral supplements that every family needs to painting good health and boost their immune systems to avoid the many diseases that are on the increase.

These supplements are proven will protect you from many diseases and viruses and enhance your health.

Please note: Stocks are limited.

1 - Power CEE Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient which has many health benefits. It is a powerful antioxidant which helps prevent the build-up of free radicals to protect your body against disease and all viruses.

An essential vitamin, necessary for the formation of collagen which is important for the growth and repair of tissue cells, gums, blood vessels, bones and teeth. A natural anti-histamine.

Used as an effective treatment against COVID-19 see here   Ingredients: Ascorbic Acid 100%


To boost your immune system, take 5 000 - 10 000 mg daily, in divided doses. About 4000 mg per level teaspoon.  For illness or medical advice, please contact your medical practitioner.

R400 for 1kg

100% Ascorbic Acid

2 - Power Balance

100% Sodium Bicarbonate is safe and effective antacid which immediately lowers stomach acidity. Suitable for sensitive stomachs.

Take Power Balance to neutralise the acidity of Vitamin C.

When sodium bicarbonate is added to ascorbic acid, the bicarbonate fizzes (emitting carbon dioxide) which then releases the sodium to neutralise the acidity and sour taste of the ascorbate.

Used in the treatment of asthma, pain, headaches and cancer.


Add 1/4 to 1/3 teaspoon for every teaspoon of Power Cee Vitamin C. This will cause a fizz. Drink once the powders have dissolved.

R40 per 1kg

100% Sodium Bicarbonate

3 - POWER MAG - Magnesium Citrate Powder 100% Pure

500 grams

No Artificial Flavours, Colours, Preservatives or Lactose


Magnesium is the most important nutrient for your body and most people do not have sufficient magnesium.

Magnesium is important for many processes in the body, including regulating muscle and nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure and making protein, bone, and DNA.

It is very good to use in order to treat or prevent the following: low energy levels, failing memory, brain fog, headaches, low blood sugar(connected to diabetes) migraines, muscle cramps, ADD/ADHD symptoms, stress,  constipation/ IBS, Sleep problems, low immunity, Heart arrhythmias


Magnesium Citrate 100% Pure


Adults: 400 to 800 mg of elemental magnesium per day. 5 grams/one teaspoon is 5000 mg contains 800 mg of elemental magnesium (16% concentrate).  1/2  teaspoon contains 400 mg elemental Magnesium. Mix with water and drink on an empty stomach.

R390 for 500 grams

100% pure Magnesium Citrate

4 - Zinc

An essential mineral, beneficial for symptoms of acne, eczema, prostate problems, regulating blood fat levels and insulin (blood sugar) activity. Boosts your immune system.

Inhibits the severity of cold symptoms & infections caused by viruses like SARS & COVID-19. Accelerates wound healing.

May reduce risk of age-related diseases, pneumonia, infection & macular degeneration (AMD). Decreases inflammation & oil production.

See more here

R94 for 60 tablets

Each tablet contains 15mg of elemental zinc

5 - Vitamin D3 1000iu

Vitamin D regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and facilitates normal immune system function.

Supports the development of bones and teeth. Improves resistance against certain diseases thereby reducing your risk of multiple sclerosis and the flu. Reduces depression and boosts weight loss.

Lack of Vitamin D increases your risk of developing bone abnormalities such as osteomalacia or osteoporosis.

R119 for 60 tablets

Vitamin D3 1000iu

6 - Selenium Complex

A natural anti-oxidant, nutritionally beneficial for healthy: liver function, heart and blood pressure, hair, nails, skin, eyes, male sexual reproductive capacity, joint mobility and boosts your immune system. Helps with Asthma symptoms.

Strengthens your thyroid gland, helps prevent mental decline like Alzheimer's, can help with heart disease, may reduce risk of certain cancers.

An enzyme active complex of amino acid chelated selenium, vitamin E, coral calcium, and phytobase to provide the natural co-factors for maximum bio-absorption and efficacy.

R95 per 60 tablets

Selenium AAC 2% 5mg providing elemental Selenium of 100ug

Vitamin E50% 10mg providing elemental Vitamin E of 7.5iu

Barley grass 35 mg

Spirulina 35mg

Coral Calcium 20mg

Broccoli extracts 0.5% 15mg

7 - Niacin Vitamin B3

Niacin is a vitamin that helps you: naturally relax and deal with stress; to sleep more rapidly. Necessary for healthy skin, nerves, digestive system, blood vessels. Essential for synthesis of sex hormones - oestrogen, progesterone & testosterone.

Helps reduce harmful cholesterol levels.

Helps with learning & behavioural disorders in children and with addictions like alcohol and drugs. Helps with Arthritis & releases energy from foods.

R98 for 100 tablets

Nicotinic acid 35mg

8 - Vitamin B Forte Complex

B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being. Boost energy levels.

Enhances cell health, growth of red blood cells. Improves eyesight, brain function, digestion, nerve function, hormone production, cardiovascular health and muscle tone.

Each of these essential vitamins contributes to your overall bodily function.

R119 for 100 tablets

B1 Thiamine 5mg

B2 Riboflavin 2mg

B3 Nicotinamide 20mg

B6 Pyridoxine HCL 2mg


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