I want to sell BIOMatic but cant afford to invest

A Business Opportunity That is Simple and Very Profitable

The USP is the Single Most Important Factor for Any New Business

  • The USP - Unique Selling Proposition is critical for your new business success...
  • BIOMatic has more than 5 USP'S as you can see in the Video above. 

How Important is Price?

Business Opportunity

Are You Comparing Apples with Apples?

do you compare apples with apples

The Only Accurate Price Comparison is Cost Per Wash and

Not Cost Per Kilogram

Therefore you need to see the number of washes you get per 1kg of your competitive washing powder.

Most washing powders use 100 grams per 5 kg load versus 25 grams of BIOMatic.

You get 4 X MORE!

Cost-per-Wash-Table detergents

Are You Tired of Working for a Boss?

Tired of working for a boss - get your own business
  • Then this is your answer to starting your very own successful business.
  • We offer a step by step training system to help you develop a successful business and becoming your own boss
  • We help you develop the business to a point of your personal financial freedom. This is when working is optional for you.
  • Through our coaching programme we remove some of the major pitfalls and stresses that go with starting a business.
  • We help you on this exciting and challenging journey of being an “entrepreneur” or increase the bottom line of your existing business.

A WOW Business Opportunity

BIOMatic Exclusive Distributorship is a business opportunity that can yield high profits with a low start-up capital. Your Starter Pack is under $3000 or R30 000, this includes all your Training and Coaching.

If you are looking for profitable business opportunity then look no further.

Lion Brands will help you build your very own business, creating wealth for you and your family, as you build a brand in your own exclusive area

We offer a wonderful way to start your own business or to add to your existing business and product lines.

The potential is huge as the market is over 10 billion per annum in South Africa alone and is waiting for you to take the Lion share of this market. You can literately turnover millions in your area. 

Building a Brand. How much is a Brand worth? 

What’s the difference between success and failure? It’s as simple as having a great product that customers really love! This is known in marketing terms as a BRAND!

If you build a brand, you will never look back as now you have cash flow on tap. 

You have a unique opportunity to build a brand that will bring customers to you just because of the Brand Name – BIOMatic. Having a brand with a loyal customer fan base is the foundation for the best business opportunities and companies in the world.

We Coach You Toward Business Success

What else does every entrepreneur need to succeed, other than good training and coaching.

For a small investment (less than R30 000 or $3000) in stock together with your own dedication and ideas, you will be able to develop a your business opportunity from scratch. This is not a get rich quick scheme, like any real business you will need to work hard to reach you goals.

No hidden admin costs or registration fees.

At the moment our Distributorship entry level is only $2 700 / R27 000

for the smallest exclusive area.

Summary of Our 5 Solutions For

The 5 Root Causes of Business Failure

The 5 Root Causes of Business Failure

No Real Business Coaching



Me Too Product




Lack of Sales




Lack of Market Knowledge






Bad Business Model



Our 5 Winning Solutions

We provide coaching and intensive training to make sure you are skilled and competent to sell and train your team to do the same.

We provide you with a product that has over 5 USP's. BIOMatic Ultra Washing Powder is a revolutionary product that is so easy to sell. Your sales conversion rate is nothing under 50% on cold calls.

No matter whether you have sold before or not. We have a powerful sales training programme that teaches how to sell in a simple step by step way. So simple even a nurse can learn to sell it.

We are in fortunate position that we have been involved in the this market for over 24 years. We know exactly what clients want from their detergent. Part of the strategic marketing plan is for you as a distributor to do in depth market testing and market penetration model development together with your coach.

Part of the due diligence phase that we take you through before you invest. We will show our financial model where you can clearly see where and how you will be making a profit. This business model is very simple and powerful, giving you a massive advantage over your competition. 

Find Out How You can Become A Distributor With a Clear Path For Success Mapped Out For You

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What Clients Are Saying About BIOMatic

Salaminah Dikeledi Johannesburg

My whites are nice and white....

my favourite benefit; my machine is always clean.

It works on my machine while it’s doing my washing"

Click below to hear her testimonial...

Ange De FigueiredoJohannesburg

I just thought you should know that BIOMatic is a winner"

Penny SmithCapetown

It was not long and the eczema started clearing and we could now relax"

Carla Da CostaJohannesburg

When washing big things such as duvets, blankets, curtains, I don’t have that “muck” left on the items"

What Areas Can You Distribute BIOMatic?

No Matter Where In the

World You Are

Your Market Is All Around You

and Waiting For You.

What Are You Waiting For?

So Get Your Exclusive Area Now

Before Someone Else Does! 

Get instant access to our BIOMatic Distributor  Information!

Get more product information and find out how much profit you can make, pricing, product details etc. by simply clicking the button below. We will also send you emails to give you more detailed information answering your key questions.