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Did You Know That 8 Out of 10 Businesses Crash and Burn Within The First 18 Months?




AT ALL COSTS stated in an article about business failure, that;

“According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn.”

The 5 Secret Causes of Business Failure Are: 

No Real Business Coaching

Imagine trying to win in any sport without a proper coach and training programme. Is the world of business not even more competitive than sport?

Why haven’t most entrepreneurs learnt from successful sports teams and stars?

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Me Too Product

How is your product going to stand out when you promote it, if it is just like the rest of the competitors products?

Ask yourself the question, does this business opportunity have a USP or two that clients will pay for?

The more USP’s the easier it will be to sell the product.

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Lack of Sales

This seems a bit obvious in fact it so in your face that many business start ups neglect counting the actual cost it going to take to get the sales.

One of the most basic mistakes is not having the ability to really work out an effective sales plan that really delivers the sales.

As Mark Cuban from Shark Tank Fame says, Sales cure all.

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Lack of Market Knowledge

What is the point of trying to sell a product clients do not want. Before you take on any business opportunity you should first start a conversation with the market to find out how they feel about the product you going to offer.

As the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating, in this case the washing. The acid test is always, does the product WOW your clients? 

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Weak Business Model

You would be surprised by the number of businesses that are started without even having a very basic plan in place.

It’s like flying an aeroplane and not knowing where you are going and how you going to get there…wherever there is ? This just does not make any sense.

The stronger your business model the stronger your business will be.

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