Buy to Rent Property Investments

Buy to Let Property Investments

Where we show you how to grow your wealth organically through wise but to let property investments

How would you like to own a R700 000 Buy-to-Rent Townhouse for only R70 000?

  • We show you exactly how to do this through buy-to-rent property investments
  • Not just once, but over and over again


How would you like your tenants to pay for your children’s education 

  • Neil Vorster from Organic Growth did just this Buy to rent property investments
  • Neil will show you how develop your property portfolio and refinance your properties to unlock your capital growth things like your children education, that annual overseas trip
  • He will show you how do the same for your children, so your grandchildren’s education is also sorted.


Imagine being able to retire within the next 15 years

  • We have a step by step strategy,
    • to start your buy-to-rent investment property portfolio
    • to develop and grow your portfolio
    • to set you up for financial freedom and retirement within 15 years

 Buy To Rent Investment Properties

What the clients are saying


“I have seen wealth literally grow out of nothing”

“Property can be intimidating if it isn’t an area in which you work. As an investor I knew that property could provide excellent medium term growth but was nervous about the myriad regulations and procedures which need to be followed.

Neil has been instrumental in helping me to build a small portfolio of properties that are producing excellent results. An example is the first property I bought in 2001. The townhouse cost about R 150 000 (100% bonded), Targer Realty have ensured that the tenants have faithfully paid my bond and my property is worth R 700 000 today.

This is R550 000 capital growth with zero cash invested! I have been very happy with the professional service that I have received from Targer, and have seen wealth literally grow out of nothing.

Graham Wolfson

London and Johannesburg

“My journey as a landlord as painless as possible “

“Targer has been managing my property in Craigavon for about seven years now, and I can recommend the company’s services without hesitation.

Whether it’s dealing with a tenant on my behalf, sorting out maintenance issues, dealing with the City of Johannesburg’s imperfect rates department or supplying me with rental income consolidations for my tax return, the Targer team has made my journey as a landlord as painless as possible.

Charles Webster



“I have not looked back since”

“I was referred to Targer several years ago after struggling with tenants for some time. One call with Neil was sufficient for me to move my entire property portfolio to Targer and I have not looked back since.

I can recommend Targer to any investor-owner who seeks the satisfaction of property management without the hang-ups. Well done to Neil and his team.

Grant Hodgkinson

Johannesburg and London


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Frequently asked questions


Q:   How do I do this if I don’t know property?

A:   We are here to help each step of the process. We offer a cradle to the grave approach.

  • We show you why to invest in property
  • How to invest. We have many years experience in selection of the best properties
  • We show you where to invest
  • We can help you avoid the many pitfalls in buy to rent property investments
  • We can help by taking the sweat out of managing your property
  • How to grow your portfolio organically


Q:   What about tenants not paying

A:   Contrary to popular belief, most tenants pay their rent every month. They know that they will lose the roof over their heads, lose their other assets and get a bad credit rating if a landlord gets a court judgement against them. A bad payer normally needs a bit of education as to the realities of the situation, and then changes his behaviour accordingly.

We recommend that our associate property management company, Targer Realty,  attend to all the leasing, rental invoicing and collection and credit control. They have been doing this for over 20 years and are very experienced at what they do.


Q:   What about tenants damaging my property

A:   As with rentals, tenants don’t make it their business to damage your property. But if they do, the damage they do is normally limited to carpet damage, paint and maybe some cupboard or kitchen surface damage. As a landlord with a proper lease agreement in place, with the necessary deposits in place, you are normally covered against such damage. For example, repainting a townhouse costs less than half a month’s rent and new carpets cost one month’s rent.

Again, good management of your asset is the key!


Q:   What happens if the interest rate goes up

A:   The sort answer is that your costs go up, and we assist you with planning for that possibility. The most dangerous time is in the first year of ownership as your rental income increases  in the following years, providing you with a larger and larger buffer against increasing bond costs.

In normal life, the interest rate cannot rise too sharply as doing so will effectively stall all growth in the country, and the government won’t allow that. The current new South African policy is to link the interest rate to inflation, not to the international Rand value, as they did in the past.

The result of government policy is that interest rates will move slowly, giving the market time to adjust.  All landlords will suffer equally and will therefore put pressure on rentals to rise accordingly. The tenants won’t be able to afford to buy their own properties due to the increased interest rate (and for fear of further increases) and will therefore remain as tenants and pay the higher rentals.


Q:   How can I recognise a bargain from an ordinary purchase

A:   The subject is too involved to describe fully in this forum, but Organic Growth specialise in educating its members in the art and science of buying well.

The long term nature of property investment makes buying a bargain not essential to the overall plan of wealth growth, although it does help.


Q:   How can I establish what size bond I can afford

A:    The Organic Growth team will assist with this aspect and make sure that you don’t waste your time trying to buy properties that your current income cannot support.

We show you how to  structure your purchase agreement  so that if for some reason you are unable to obtain the necessary bond finance, you can cancel the deal without incurring any costs or penalties.


So you want to join the Organic Wealth creation team and find out how to grow your wealth organically?

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