So you are searching for REAL Business Opportunities?

  • You want to be your own boss?

  • You want to gain financial freedom?

  • You want to build a proper business that is self sustaining?

We have two very powerful business opportunities for you to look at. These business opportunities are not just in South Africa.

BIOMatic Ultra Washing Powder

Tap into the multi-billion dollar detergent market at the moment this market is about $130 billion USD per annum. Find out how big your market is here

  • We help you to take the Lion's share of your local market no matter where you are based in the world.

  • BIOMatic is a unique detergent that will make it easy to gain market share.

  • BIOMatic gives your customers 4 X MORE washes, saving them 50% on their washing bill every month and cleans their washing machine at the same time.

  • We show how to develop your own highly profitable business through our unique coaching programme.

  • This provides you with one of best small to medium business opportunities available.

  • With a start-up investment of only $2700, you can earn $5000 - $15 000 every month.

  • We also offer you an exclusive area, to build a powerful brand.


Property Investment Wealth Creation

Organic Growth will help you to build your very own property portfolio from scratch.

We show you how to use property investment to;

  • retire early - retirement fund

  • educate your children - education fund

  • improve the quality of your  lifestyle

  • gain financial freedom


Organic Growth will show you, the man in the street, how to successfully develop your own property portfolio with very little of your own money. For more information on starting your own property portfolio (this is much easier than you think).

This is a Property in a box and is very low maintenance once it is set up properly. 

Take advantage of our Free Property Investment Course below.