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Fundraising Ideas and Programme for Schools,  Churches, Clubs and Non Profits

Find out how to access funds without costing your members/parents a cent, and without needing their valuable time.

A Fundraising programme that is simple to run, and that taps into existing cash flow to fund your organisation.

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FACT: The financial pie is not getting any bigger for most of your members/parents

Day by day your members disposable income is been eroded by;

  • Inflation
  • Interest
  • Debts
  • Extra taxes
  • E-Toll
  • Rising health expenses

Cash Crunch for Members and Parents

How do you grow your cash flow, when your members disposable income is shrinking every year?

How would you like a fundraising program that can raise funds;
Month by Month?

  • That won’t cost your members/parents any more?
  • That’s saves your members/parents money every month?
  • Raises $ thousands every month?

No longer do you have to try to be an expert fundraiser.

You can now focus on what you good at, which is building your organisation.

Fundraising questions for your organisation

  • How effective is your fundraising now?
  • How does the organisation really benefit?
  • How do the members really benefit?
  • How happy are your members/parents with your fundraising?
  • Do funds come in monthly?
  • What is your current budget deficit?
  • What are you going to do fix the problems?
  • Do you have an effective fund raising strategic plan?

Buy Direct is your fundraising Partner

We help you develop an effective Fundraising Strategic Plan

  • With objectives
  • And actions plans

All focused on meeting your organisations goals and to help you raise funds

Maximise your return on investment (ROI) and return on time (ROT)

Tap into funds that are now going elsewhere.


Buy Direct Aims to:

  • Improve and develop your organisation
  • Assist elp you in meeting your fundraising targets
  • Make your life easier, so you and your team can focus on your areas of genius and not on money

We show you how to channel cash flow form the groceries to your organisation

BuyDirect - Cash Flow Channeling model

Watch the video to see how we channel money from the the Grocery budget to your organisation.

You can’t lose when saving members money and raising funds at the same time

Find out more about an amazing fundraising opportunity for schools that generates a steady income for your school each and every month.

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