Ethical Living Rating

We are very excited to announce that BIOMatic has received the top rating in the Ethical Living Magazine’s washing powder ratings for all major detergents in South Africa.

This is a totally independent consumer magazine that originates in the UK.

What is this magazine all about?

“Behind the magazine is Ethical Living Pty Ltd and its sister organisation Ethical Consumer (UK), an alternative lifestyle organisation that supports the growth of the ethical market by investigating companies’ practices, uncovering truths behind operations and highlighting the most ethical products and services.


Ethical decisions are becoming increasingly important to consumers and their purchasing decisions are becoming ever more influenced by issues such as global warming and carbon footprints, Fairtrade, animal welfare and good governance.

Not only is ethical consumerism an incredibly complicated issue that needs to be succinctly disentangled and presented to consumers in an easy-to-understand manner, but corporations are becoming more and more aware of the importance of being perceived as ethical traders.

Ethical Living therefore not only offers consumers vital information on ethical living, from the most eco-friendly products to the latest news on human rights, animal rights and good living, to socio-political commentary, but also provides all companies with a platform to highlight their good ethical behaviour, a now crucial differentiating factor and powerful market force.”

– Source Ethical Living Magazine

Ethical-Living-Washing Powder Ratings


Ethical-Living-Washing Powder Ratings

Each detergent was rated out of twenty in the following areas:

Environmental reporting; Nuclear Power; Pollution; Climate Change; Pollution & Toxics; Habitats and Resources; Animal testing; Factory farming; Other Animal rights; Human rights; Workers rights; Supply chain management; Irresponsible Marketing; Armaments; Genetic Engineering; Boycott Call;Political Activity and Anti-Social Finance.

You can see the key on the table – the tick is the top rating; the dot is the middle rating and red square is the bottom rating.

Based on this rating BIOMatic got the top rating and is now recommended by Ethical Living