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Amazing Detergent Gives You 4 X MORE

Business Opportunity

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  • BIOMatic Ultra Concentrated Detergent gives you 4 X MORE washes than normal washing detergent as you use only 25 grams versus 100 grams for other detergents.


  • BIOMatic saves you 50% on your normal detergent.
  • BIOMatic cleans the scum out of your drum of your washing machine while it cleans your clothes
  • BIOMatic is great for both hand and machine wash.
  • BIOMatic is an excellent stain remover and removes most stains easily. 
  • BIOMatic is also gentle on skin and we recommend it for sensitive skin

Business Opportunity



  • BIOMatic and Lion Consumer Brands is recommended by Ethical Living Magazine in the areas of eco-friendliness, human rights, animal rights a total of 17 areas of ethical behaviour and standards



Wow Business Opportunity

If you are looking for great business opportunity to operate your own business; then you should not miss the BIOMatic Distributorship.

We offer a wonderful way to start your own business or to add to your existing business and product lines.

The potential is huge as the market is over $50 billion per annum and is waiting for you to take the Lion share of this market. You can literately turnover millions in your area.

What’s the difference between success and failure? It’s as simple as having a great product that customers really love and trust! This is known in marketing terms as a BRAND!

You have a unique opportunity to build a brand that will bring customers to you just because of the Brand Name – BIOMatic.  Having a brand with a loyal customer fan base is the foundation for the best business opportunities and companies in the world.

What every entrepreneur needs is a unique product to take to market. BIOMatic Washing Powder is one of a kind.


We coach you toward business success

What else does every entrepreneur need to succeed, other than good training and coaching.
For a small investment (less than $3 000) in stock together with your own dedication and ideas, you will be able to develop a your business opportunity from scratch. This is not a get rich quick scheme, like any real business you will need to work hard to get to your targets.


We do not just have great products, but a winning business coaching and training programme that will help you on your road to success.
No hidden admin costs or registration fees.
We are looking for distributors worldwide.

Act now to see if your area is still available.

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What our clients are saying:


“I just thought you should know that BIOMatic is a winner..”

Ange De Figueiredo, Johannesburg


“It was not long and the eczema started clearing and we could now relax..”

Penny Smith, Capetown


“…when washing big things such as duvets, blankets, curtains, I don’t have that “muck” left on the items…”

Carla Da Costa, Johannesburg


“ whites are nice and white….  my favourite benefit; my machine is always clean; it works on my machine while it’s doing my washing”

Salaminah  Dikeledi, Johannesburg





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