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Introduction Pack

Below you will see all the information you will need to make your business decision.

We have placed all these documents here for easy access. Also, so that you will be able to download them onto your computer, as many email servers are not too friendly towards attachments. Therefore, to make sure you can access the documents at your leisure we have placed them here for your convenience. Just follow the instructions and pictures below and you will be able to download all the information onto your computer.

How to download the files

All you need to do is to right click your mouse button on the links below for each document. See examples on the right =>

Depending on what Internet Browser you have the command will either be

Save target as… or Save link as…

If you using your cell phone to down load the files, then you can just click on the link and download it to your phone

Once you select Save as.. then your folder dialogue will open. Select a folder of your choice or just save everything on your Desktop folder so you find it easily once you have saved everything.

Make sure you download and save each of the three documents below…

BIOMatic Product Info

This presentation gives you a detailed explanation and all the benefits of BIOMatic washing powder. Right click on the link and select Save link as… or Save Target as…
BIOMatic Product info

LCB – Distributor and Agent Info

This presentation explains the sales structure for Distributors and Agents. It covers your earning potential and what your investment will be.
Right click on the link and select Save link as… or Save Target as…

LCB – Distributor & Agent Info

Lion Distributor Price List

This document contains the standard pricing for Distributors and Agents and your selling price to customers.
Right click on the link and select Save link as… or Save Target as…
Lion Price List

Having problems loading the info?

If you are unable to download these files please contact us at info@lionbrands.co.za and we can email you the entire Introduction Pack with attachments which is over 3MB. You need to make sure you can receive large attachments.

Taking the next step

Once you have been through this information and you have decided that you want to go ahead with this great business opportunity, please click the link below, we will then help you with the next steps.