Home Based Business Opportunity

Home Based Business Opportunity

Home Based Business

Home Based Business

Home Based Business

Amazing Concentrate Washing Powder

  • BIOMatic Ultra Concentrated Washing powder gives you 4 X MORE washes than normal washing powders as you use only 25 grams versus 100 grams for other detergents. BIOMatic saves you 50% on your normal washing powder.
  • BIOMatic cleans the scum out of your drum of your washing machine while it cleans your clothes
  • BIOMatic is an excellent stain remover
  • BIOMatic is also gentle on skin and we recommend it for sensitive skin
  • BIOMatic and Lion Consumer Brands is recommended by Ethical Living Magazine in the areas of eco-friendliness, human rights, animal rights a total of 17 areas of ethical behaviour and standards

Home Based Business

Home Based Business

This is a wonderful home based business opportunity. If you are looking for great home based business opportunity to operate your own business from home; then you should not miss this great home business in South Africa.

We offer a wonderful way to start your own home business from the comfort of your own home. This can become a large business or you can keep it as a small business from home.

Are you are looking for an opportunity to build your very own business from home by selling a truly unique product?


We coach you toward business success

  • For a small investment in stock together with your own dedicated effort and ideas, you will be able to develop a home based business. We don’t promise that you will get rich quick, but that you will have a product that customers will love and keep on buying. This is the foundation for the best business opportunities.
  • We do not just have great products, but a winning business coaching and training programme that will help you on your road to success.
  • No hidden admin costs or registration fees
  • We are looking for distributors across South Africa




“I just thought you should know that BIOMatic is a winner..”

Ange De Figueiredo, Johannesburg


“It was not long and the eczema started clearing and we could now relax..”

Penny Smith, Capetown


“…when washing big things such as duvets, blankets, curtains, I don’t have that “muck” left on the items…”

Carla Da Costa, Johannesburg


“..my whites are nice and white….  my favourite benefit; my machine is always clean; it works on my machine while it’s doing my washing”

Salaminah  Dikeledi, Johannesburg



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