Home Based Business

Home Based Business

Home Based Business

This is a wonderful home based business opportunity. If you are looking for great home based business opportunity to operate your own business from home; then you should not miss this great home business in South Africa.

We offer a wonderful way to start your own home business from the comfort of your own home. This can become a large business or you can keep it as a small business from home.

Are you are looking for an opportunity to build your very own business from home by selling a truly unique product?


Then look no further, BIOMatic Washing Powder which gives your 4 x MORE washes, is the product that provides you with one of best home business opportunities out there.

You can earn thousands every month all depending on how much want to work and how much money you want to earn.

Become a Distributor or an Agent

We are looking for Agents and Distributors. A Distributor buys product directly from Lion Consumer Brands. An Agent buys product from their Distributor.


A Distributor is typically an entrepreneur who either wants to increase current income through their existing business opportunity, or someone with a burning passion to start their own unique business from home. As a Distributor you will do this by developing your own sales team, who will help you to sell and market top quality value for money products: This is ideal to have your own home based business.

  • As a Distributor you will have access to your own personal business coach and mentor who will help you set up your own strategic business plan. Lion Consumer Brands does not just have great products, but a winning business coaching and training programme that will help you on your road to success. Earn money while you learn!
  • As a Distributor you will get the best prices and the largest discount of ± 40% directly from Lion Consumer Brands.
  • As a distributor you will need to purchase a minimum amount of R2500 per month directly from Lion Consumer Brands.

Register for free now! No hidden admin costs or registration fees!


An agent wants to earn extra money from home, but does not have the capital to become a distributor at this time. Or an Agent is a person who prefers to sell directly to customers and does not want to have a sales team reporting to them.

  • As an Agent you will get a discount of 20% off the retail price.
  • As an agent you will register under a Distributor. You will now need to buy a minimum of R300 worth of product each month directly from your Distributor in order to qualify as an Agent.
  • You will get your stock from your local Distributor.
  • Your Distributor will now train and coach you on your road to success.

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How do I join as a Distributor or Agent?

If you want to find out more or join as a Agent or Distributor then please complete the Application Form here We will get back to you shortly with more information and pricing etc. Contact us