A Business Opportunity

That Is Essential and Very Profitable

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The first step to any great business opportunity is have a product with a USP (Unique Selling Point).BIOMatic does not only have one Unique Selling Point, but it has a a bunch of USP’s.

Invest Your Money In Essentials

When investing in these uncertain times we need to ask some key question…

Where do you invest? 

What kinds of products will you invest in?

What products will survive economic turmoil? 

invest in essentials

  • Are you ready for the next Lockdown”?  
  • Is your current business classified as an essential service by your government? This means you are allowed to operate even under the strictest lockdown measures.
  • A key to survive and thrive in the global economic reset is to invest your money in essential services.
  • There are only a few more essential products than detergent
  • Restaurants and hotels and many other businesses were shut down but Lion Brands continued on because we supply Health Care products together with Detergents, we were allowed to operate under the strictest level of lockdown.. 
  • Because of the essential nature of our products we were allowed to ship our products as we had a certificate to courier our products nationally. 
  • We need to invest wisely so that we do not suffer financially if and when there is another pandemic etc
  • Luxuries and non essential businesses will suffer in an economic crises or down turn. Everyone needs to wash their clothes and stay clean especially in a pandemic. So people will still buy food and washing powder and health products. 

The Boss

Are You Tired Of Working For A Boss?

Do you desire to break free and work on your own terms?

  • Then this is your answer to starting your very own successful business.
  • We offer a step by step training system to help you develop a successful business and becoming your own boss.
  • We help you develop the business to a point of your personal financial freedom. This is when working is optional for you.
  • Through our coaching programme we remove some of the major pitfalls and stresses that go with starting a business.
  • We help you on this exciting journey of being an “entrepreneur” or increase the bottom line of your existing business.  

Are you struggling to sell me too products?

Nothing so frustrating to be in sales and selling a “Me too” product that is exactly the same as the competitor products with no real advantage. 

Boring me too products

  • Are you a seasoned entrepreneur looking for more sales and increased profitability?
  • A key business success factor is to have a truly unique product.
  • BIOMatic Washing Powder which gives you 4 x MORE washes than normal washing powders, has a number of truly unique selling points which will help you sell more product and build a loyal customer base.
  • You can also add BIOMatic to your existing range or products to make your existing business even more profitable.

Are you battling to finance your new business venture?

finance your venture

With BIOMatic Business Opportunity you can start your very own business for an investment of under $7 000 or R100 000.

The South African detergent market is worth R 15 billion per annum and the global market is worth over $121 billion per annum. 

Are you ready to take the Lion’s share of this market?

How do I become a Distributor in my area?

step 1

Application and Interview

You will need to apply and have an interview and strategic session to see if your area is available and if this business is a good match for you

step 2

Choose an area

Depending where you reside you can choose to become a Distributor anywhere in the World as long as your area is still available.

A Distributor buys product directly from Lion Consumer Brands in Johannesburg, South Africa and then sells it directly into their local market.

step 3

Planning and Team Building

We will help you develop and sales plan for your area which includes an online marketing promotion on social media.

We train and coach you to effectively develop your own sales team, who will help you to sell BIOMatic into your local market.

What do I get for my investment as a Distributor?

Apart from a great business opportunity and product here is what you get:

  • Powerful Coaching Programme – As a Distributor you will have access to your own personal business coach who will help you set up your strategic business plan and guide you on your road to success.  
  • The value of the coaching you will receive in the first year is worth R40 000 / $3000 
  • Part of the coaching programme includes powerful sales and business training in the form of online videos and notes that you work through and review at your own pace.
  • As a Distributor you will get the best prices directly from Lion Consumer Brands. 
  • We will contact you for a strategic business session over the phone to see if you can work with us on your area.
  • Your Distributor starter pack which will include your stock and marketing material. 
  • There are no hidden admin costs or registration fees!

How much do I need to invest for my area?

It is important to work out how much you need to invest for the size of the population you are looking at in your area. Your investment will come in the form a starter pack.

The starter pack will vary in size based on the number or people in the area you are applying for.

At the moment the smallest starter pack is only R89 000 – $6 300

The market in any country and area is huge.

You can work out on average that people use about 570 grams of washing per person per month. 

This means if you are applying for any area with 100 000 people there the market size is 570 000 kg per annum. 

I am using both South Africa Rands and USD in the figures below these are subject to change according exchange rate fluctuations.

What is my earning potential or ROI?

Each area investment cost is calculated at a rate of R3.18 or USD 0.23 per person. The more people in your area the more you will need to invest.  The smallest area allocated is 28 000 people

Population In Your Area

*Investment in ZAR

*Investment in USD

*Profit per annum


*Profit per annum


28 000

R89 000

$6 300

R260 000

$16 000

61 000

R172 000

$12 000

R560 000

$35 000

250 000

R700 000

$50 000

R2 300 000

$144 000

500 000

R1 400 000

$100 000

R4 600 000

$280 000

1 000 000

R2 800 000

$200 000

R9 200 000

$570 000

*These profits and prices are only estimates

Conservatively speaking if you only get 10% market in the first year then your profit should be as follows. Remember these are only estimates.

The profit is after you have paid all your agents a 20% commission.

You will still need to deduct your general overheads and variable costs like transport to get to your net profit per year. 

Where can you invest R89 000 – $6 300 and generate R260 000 – $16 000 a year in profits and build a brand that will bring in cash for years to come?

You now build a sound investment that you can pass on to your to your children one day.

What will I get for my initial investment?

The initial investment will get you a starter pack that contains the following

  • You get washing powder at Distributor discounted price.
  • You get marketing material to help you to get up and running quickly
  • You will then receive comprehensive training and coaching.  

Find out if your area is still available?

area map

The areas are given out on a first come first serve basis.

Click here to find out if your area is available.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

        1. How much will I need to invest?

Exactly how much will I need to invest to secure my area?

Note: I use US $ if you are based outside of South Africa and South African rands ZAR if you based in South Africa.

The formula at the moment is about R3.18 – $0.23 per person in your area, no matter what area you are applying for.

There is a minimum investment of R89 000 – $6 300 per Distributorship.

Therefore, if you are applying for the minimum investment you can apply for an area with a total population (children and adults) of 28 000 which is an investment R89 000 – $6 300

Your investment will come in the form a starter pack.

The starter pack will vary in size based on the number of people in the area you are applying for and the type of strategy that will apply to your area.

        2. How big and valuable is my local market?

The market in any country and area is huge and the great thing about this is that people will always use washing powder even in a recession.

You can work out on average, that people use about 400 grams of washing per person per month.

This means if you are applying for any area with 100 000 people the market volume is 684 000 kg per annum.

Then multiply this total market volume by R25 – $1.80 per kg which is the price of normal washing powder.We see the total detergent market in this area is worth approximately R17 100 000 – $1 221 000 per annum.

To see just how large the detergent market is in your country, you can see the table on our website here. Find out how big the global detergent market really is, quite a staggering figure.

I am using both South Africa Rands and USD in the figures, these numbers are subject to change according exchange rate fluctuations.

Investment examples for an area with a population of: 

  • 28 000 people, your investment will be about R 89 000 or $6 300
  • 61 000 people, your investment will be about R 193 000 or $13 700
  • 250 000 people, your investment will be about R 792 000 or $56 000
  • 500 000 people, your investment will be about R 1 585 000 or $113 000
  • 1 000 000 people, your investment will be about R 3 170 000 or $226 000

*Please note: these numbers are estimates only and are subject to change 

Just in case you need to view the Intro pack information again you can click here

Introduction PackVideo 1: BIOMatic Product video – 12 minutes

  • Video 2: BIOMatic Distributorship Opportunity video – 27 minutes – this video covers vital information that will give key understanding on how it all works.
  • Downloadable presentation 1: BIOMatic Product Information
  • Downloadable presentation 2: Distributorship Opportunity.
  • Downloadable: Product price list.

The Next Step

If you want to go the Next Step and set up a strategic meeting with me then click this link and fill in the application form https://lionbrands.co.za/next-steps/

       3. What about the price, isn’t BIOMatic too expensive?

This is one of the main questions people ask.

The reason you might be thinking that BIOMatic is too expensive, is because you have been trained over your entire life to look at the price per kilo and not the cost per wash when buying washing powder.

If you do your numbers you will see that BIOMatic is one of the most economical detergents on the market on a cost per wash basis.

BIOMatic is unique and is an ultra concentrate and gives customers 4 X More washes.

Lets compare BIOMatic to a global brand like Omo.

In South Africa Omo sells for about R57 per 2 kg.

Each 2 kg gives you 20 washes as Omo recommends 100 grams per 5 kg wash. This gives you a cost per wash of R2.85

Compared to 5 KG BIOMatic which sells for about R280 which will give you 200 washes as you only use 25 grams as opposed to 100 grams for Omo.

Therefore a wash with BIOMatic only costs you R1.40 which is a 51% saving on Omo.

Another way to look at it is

5 kg of BIOMatic at R280, gives you the same number of washes as 20 kg of Omo at R570, as you need 20 kilos of Omo to give you the same number of washes as a 5 kg of BIOMatic. As BIOMatic gives you upto 4 X MORE Washes per KG. 

BIOMatic will retail at around R56 per kg versus Omo at R28.50 per kg but gives you 4 X MORE Washes and saves you 40-50% 

BIOMatic Ultra is a concentrate formula with new technology with no fillers added.

What is a filler?

A filler is like adding water to a dish washing liquid, it makes it cheaper per bottle, but adds no value other than diluting all the active ingredients.

Ask yourself one question.

Which brand of dish washing liquid do you buy and why? I bet it isn’t a cheapy is it?

It is most probably the most expensive concentrated dish washing liquid on the shelf.

Which one is cheaper? The cheapies of the concentrate?

No prizes for the correct answer 🙂

I am sure you can now see the tremendous savings BIOMatic offers all your customers?

Once your customers have been educated they will choose BIOMatic over the so called cheaper detergents.

BIOMatic is your most economical washing powder that you could sell to your customers.

People have asked…“can’t you discount the product, so we can sell more?”

The answer is, BIOMatic is already discounted and saves people over 50% compared to most other detergents across the world. Just imagine having a product that saves people 30-50%, how easy should that be to market?

All your market needs is to be educated. Just like I have just given you a simple education, soon they will look at cost per wash and not the cost per kg when comparing price!!!

This is how you take the Lion’s share of the market, through proper education of the market. With our unique Market Penetration Model, you will be shown how to educate and convert your market to BIOMatic. Thus building a brand that acts like a magnet each day drawing your loyal customer base in your area to spend their money on your brand.

This will make your life as so much easier to operate. As you now have built a brand that is a consumable that is not touched by the competition nor an economic recession. Normally it is only the large brand building corporate giants like Coca Cola and Apple have the ability to keep building their brand. You now have a unique opportunity to be shown how to build a brand in your area that is a real asset.

To find out what a real asset is watch this Wealth Creation Blue Print Video This asset will outlive you and can sold as going concern or past on to your children.

4. BIOMatic Distributorship Q &A: How can I get a sample of BIOMatic?

Simply follow the steps below and we will send you a 5 kg bucket or 100 grams x 50 Box of BIOMatic Ultra.

Prices in South Africa:

5 kg bucket = R 280.00

100 grams x 50 = R 432

These prices are ex-works in Edenvale Gauteng South Africa. This excludes shipping therefore you will need to make arrangements for your courier to pick it up in Edenvale.

Once you have made the payment please send us the proof of payment, we will then give you the pick up details for the stock.

EFT Payments made to:

Account: W D HorakBank: FNB – cheque accountBranch code:252 155Acct number: 5044 007 4199

Based outside of South Africa

If you are not based in South Africa then you need to send your courier to pick up the sample once you have made your payment. The price excluding shipping for

5 kg BIOMatic Ultra is $26 USD

100 grams x 50 is $37 USD or

Paypal Payment

Click here to make your payment of $26 for 5 kg BIOMatic Excluding shipping

Click here to make your payment for $37 for 100 grams x 50 BIOMatic Excluding shipping

Please note if you are based outside South Africa you can ask your courier to pick up the sample at our offices.

        5. Is BIOMatic Distributorship for Everyone?

Who We’re NOT a Good Fit For

When it comes to selecting a new business opportunity there is a reality many investors don’t necessarily accept.

There is no such thing as “one size fits all”, for every investor and entrepreneur. As each investor has their own unique set of needs and requirements.

That is why Lion Brands admits that the BIOMatic Distributorship is NOT for everyone.

At Lion Brands, we know who we are and we are not. Thus we cannot help every investor who approaches us and want to tell you up front so that we don’t waste each others time.

This is why I let you know below what the “bad fit” investors look like.

Each day, investors and entrepreneurs get in touch with us from around the globe to look at investing in a BIOMatic Distributorship.

In order to save everyone’s time, we’ve made a list of the types of investors we feel we don’t bring value to and are unable to help:

We are NOT a good fit for you if…

1. You are looking for a get rich quick scheme.

If you are looking to start a business that requires no work and make tonnes of cash, then Lion Brands distributorship is not for you. What we offer requires learning, hard work and diligence.

2. You are looking for an established brand. If you are looking for an established brand that is well known in the market place then we are not a good fit. Our primary marketing and sales strategy is take this winning formula and take the Lions share of markets where we are not know at all. If you want a brand that is already established then BIOMatic is not for you.

3. You are not a team player and want do it your own way. Our success is based on the power of team work. This means we all learn together and work together to be successful at taking the market.

4. You are looking to get someone else to do all the work for you. To really be successful you will first need to be directly involved in the business yourself in order to learn how to build an effective team who will do the work for you eventually.

5. You don’t need or want training and coaching. We have found through much experience that those who don’t get coached and trained really never reach the full market potential of their areas.

6. You are not prepared to be positive and think big. Honestly, Lion Brands is looking to work with the best of the best. Those who are already positive and motivated to do what needs to be done in order to take the Lions share of the market.

7. You have no true desire to help and uplift the poor. Part of Lion Brands purpose is to empower and uplift the poor. So if you are only trying to grow your own wealth and not help others prosper then know you are not a good fit.

        6. What marketing strategies should I choose?

Before investing in any business you need to make sure that you have a great product and an equally great marketing strategy.I assume at this point you are convinced that BIOMatic is a unique product and offers customers something special, that they do not get from normal washing powders. There are three separate market penetration strategies that you can use in this business.

1. General Direct Sales – Distributor

2. Buy Direct Fund raising – Distributor

3. Retail Sales – Distributor

As a General Direct Distributor you and your team of agents will focus on the following markets:

  • Friends and family
  • Homes and local businesses
  • Heavy users like restaurants, wishy washies, hair salons, doggie parlous, B&B’s etc
  • Party system – where you invite guests to a home presentation
  • Corporate sales – sell through receptionists in office parks

This is the best way to start, is to start with the general option above and penetrate each of those markets.Once you have established your business and have the experience you can then move on to the Buy Direct Distributor option.This is where you will be trained as a fund raising coach to help schools and NGO’s raise funds.BIOMatic is a fantastic avenue for a school or NGO to receive extra income as the school members and parents support the programme by selling and buying the product.

Once you have taken the school and NGO market you can move into the retail sector.The reason the retail sector is ready is that there will now be a demand for BIOMatic by the general public because you have created a huge demand by converting homes, offices and schools onto BIOMatic.The retailers will now be forced to stock BIOMatic as their customers are asking and demanding it.

The VIP option is the Saturation StrategyThis is where you combine all three strategies to maximise your market penetration, hitting the market from all angles. As you can see in the above plan you can start with General Direct and move to Buy Direct and then finish off with retail.If you have enough time and the finances to be more aggressive then the saturation strategy is for you, as long as all three markets are still available in your specific area.

        7. What is in the Starter Pack that I have invested in?

The smallest investment is R89 000 – $6 300 for which you receive a Starter Pack for your exclusive area. The larger the area you select the larger the starter pack will be.

The Starter Pack is needed to help take your market as quickly as possible.

What is in the Starter Pack?

The Basic Starter Pack ($6 300 / R89 000) consists of;

  • Distribution area fee: To acquire the area it is about 60% of your Starter Pack Fee in the case is will be R53 400 / $3 810
  • Product: You get about 400-600 kgs of washing powder which is valued at about R34000. This product will be packed and ready for shipping and use. The actual mix of product sizes depends on the marketing plan that we agree on.
  • Marketing Material:You get about R3 000 worth of marketing material to get you up and running quickly. This consists of samples and BIOMatic A5 leaflets. The value of the Marketing material will change based on the value of the Starter Pack. The Marketing material will increase as the value of the Starter Pack increases.
  • One-on- One Coaching Package:You will get coaching to the value of R4 500 / $300 which forms part of your Starter Pack. You will receive 3 one-on-one strategic business coaching sessions, giving you a powerful kick start to get you up and running in the fastest possible time.
  • Training:You will also access to our members training areas where you can watch powerful training video which shared with your agents and also download the training documents.

Depending on your needs and performance, you can apply for more coaching sessions for FREE once your paid session have been completed, as our main objective is help you on the road to success.

        8. What is covered in the training?

The training comprises of training material and coaching.

You will be be required to go through all the training material in your own time. The material is in the form of online Videos and Documents.

The coaching is there to help you to practically strategise and implement the plan in the most effective and profitable way.

Objective of the training

To help you to be a successful distributor with a team of successful agents.

Some of the topics that will be covered;

  • Quick start – to get you up and running as quickly as possible
  • Introduction
  • ABC’s of selling course – giving you the very basics of sales training for you and your team
  • BIOMatic product knowledge
  • BIOMatic sales pitch line by line
  • How to sell successfully
  • Product FAQ and objections
  • Building a rock solid business that will last
  • A plan to succeed – your basic business plan
  • Your marketing plan to take the lion’s share of the market
  • How to build a successful team

        9. Do you help me with marketing?

The answer to this question is “yes and no”.

Yes we do help you with marketing through coaching and training. We even help you set up your own marketing plan. etc. We give you cutting edge marketing strategies that give results.

No, we don’t help you by giving money towards marketing or samples or leaflets etc. The reason we have given you such a fantastic discounted price is so you will have enough margin to budget for your own advertising and marketing spend.

        10. What about my business plan?

I believe each business needs a business plan.

When I say a business plan, I am not talking about a 100 page document that you draw up and never look at again or review a few times a year. As the saying goes, those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

If something is worth doing, it is worth doing with everything you have.

Ideas floating in your head are great, but power is released when you transfer those ideas into a written well structured blue print for your business. An effective business plan consists of a number of key components that help you clearly clarify where you are heading and how you going to get there.

There are many ways to do a business plan it is imperative to have the basics in place before you start your plan.

8 key components for a business plan that works

1. Why are you doing a business plan? This is the first question you should ask. Most entrepreneurs that draw up business plans do it for the bank or investor to generate some form of funding. If you want a business plan that satisfies the banks you can go online and Google, “business plan template for funding” and download many free templates. Basically it is like filling in a form. It is not something you would really use to run your business. It is created to satisfy the banks requirements. This is not the type of business plan that I am addressing here. The other type of business plan is a working plan. This is a plan for the business to operate and adjust as a living breathing document that does not hinder, but gives life and structure to your idea and business venture. Therefore you need to answer this simple question. Am I doing this plan for the business or for the banks/funders?

2. Keep it simple. This is the number one area where most business plans fail. If it is too complicated you wont use it and it will only collect dust. This plan must be easy to understand by all those in the organisation who will need to implement it.

3. The correct business plan structure This is so important, if you start with the incorrect structure for your plan then you are going to end up having an business plan that doesn’t really work in the real world of entrepreneurial life. What structure are you going to use for your plan?

4. An Effective business coach

Even tiger woods has a coach.

If the worlds bets top sportsmen have coaches then why shouldn’t you?

I believe that one of the reasons that such a high percentage of entrepreneurs fail – over 90% fail in the first 5 years, is due the fact that they don’t have a business coach.

An effective business coach is someone who can help you through the planning process and guide you through the implementation of it towards success.

Choose your coach carefully.

A business coach is not an academic at some university or college, it is a business person that has experienced both success and failure in business.

5. Use the most powerful planning toolsThere are some very simple and powerful tools you can use to create your business plan.Doing your SWOT with is your Strengths Weakness and Threats and Opportunities is very powerful tool to do your research and mapping.Another powerful tool is using the TOC – Theory of constraints in simple terms this is your bottle neck theory, that identifies your ever moving bottle neck in your business.There are many other tools, make sure you have the correct tools in your planing process.

6. Flexibility The plan must be flexible, as the plan will always be changing to suit the new information and opportunities that do arise. If it is cast in concrete, you will be eaten alive as an entrepreneur. You need to remain flexible and yet firm at all times.

7. Actionable Your plan must always end with tasks and project plans that are actionable with a set time scale.

8. Measurable As the saying goes; “if you cannot measure it you cannot manage it.” This is an imperative for any business. You need to develop your own dash board just as a jet plane has a dash board for the pilot to successfully fly the plane. Your dash board would include your budgets, objectives and reports etc. This was just a very brief overview of business planning. Once you join as a Distributor you will have your own business coach and taken through our unique planing system that will enable your success in this business.

If you want to find out more about our powerful business planning system and structure then take the Next Steps below as this is covered in the Strategic Call.

        11. What area and market do I select?

The detergent market is worth billions of dollars. When you look at your market it is normally divided into two sub-markets.

Hand wash for the poorer people and machine wash for the middle class and rich.

For example in South Africa the market is about 30 % machine and 70% hand wash.

BIOMatic Ultra can be used for all types of washing machines and hand wash as well.

This makes it very powerful and easy to capture a large piece of your market with only one brand.

Normally the poorer market ( hand wash) is easy to penetrate if you sell direct, house to house, as their homes are easier to access.

Your agents can speak to more than one person at a time of even do a wet demo of the product which really converts.

However you can get into homes that are closed through a very powerful sampling campaign that we have developed.

These market penetrations strategies will be covered in your ongoing training.

We will help you develop your agents to access both the hand wash and machine markets.

       12. What infrastructure do I need?

You can start as small as you want or as large was you need to.If you start with the basic starter pack and grow from there, then you wont need to invest in a warehouse and offices etc.

Basic infrastructure needs:

  • Place to store the stock – you need about 2-3 square meter of floor space to store the basic smallest starter pack
  • A office or place to do your training
  • You own office where you will work from.
  • Internet connection and PC and phone.
  • You don’t need any equipment or machinery as the product will come to you pre-packed and ready for the market.

Yes, you can start this at home and grow into a large business as your business expands to accommodate the sales growth.It is better to grow your business organically so you have the cash flow to be able to fund the extra stock and premises when it is needed.It is always good to keep your overheads down as far as possible, so starting at home or using your existing business premises is a highly recommended.

        13. Why are areas made exclusive?

The best way to take the lion’s share of the market is to allocate areas.

  • This strategy is designed to help distributors to focus and develop their base market, street by street. Once you have taken the area, you can now apply for other areas.
  • Flying around like a butterfly; far and wide is not the way to take the lion’s share of the detergent market. This can cause problems later as competition heats up, when other Distributors start trying to claim your clients. You need to be very strategic and focused and systematic.
  • The plan is simple, you take the market house by house, street by street, office by office.
  • There is more than enough business in an area of 6 – 20 square km to make also you are protected from others taking your area later on.
  • If you take the lion’s share in a 20 square kn area you can make between $12 000 to $ 20 000 per month profit, after you have paid your commission to your agents. This profit is with a population of only 100 000 people.
  • Your exclusive rights to your area now becomes an asset on your balance sheet. You can sell your business one day if you wanted to. Imagine owning the rights to Coke for just a small area, what that would be worth today?
  • Areas are allocated to you via mapping it on Google Earth

       14. I want to sell BIOMatic but I don’t have the money to invest?

I Want To Sell BIOMatic But Can’t Afford To Invest $6 300 / R89 000 to become a Distributor, what can I do?

This is one of the most common questions I get, if this is you then you not alone.I have looked long and hard at this and I feel that there is a great solution for you.No, the answer is not a business loan, as “starting a business with a loan is for morons”, according to Mark Cuban of Shark Tank fame.The answer is in starting small and multiplying your seed.There is a simple step by step process for you to start as an Agent at 20% discount and grow to a Distributor who gets 45% discount with a team of Agents.The great news is you can start as an Agent find out now how this works.

Click here to find out more about overcoming the money hurdle

next steps

Taking the Next Steps

Act now to claim your area in your country

Now that you have seen what a great opportunity this is, click on the next steps button, so we can set up a strategic call on Skype for free you can register for free at www.skype.com or Zoom 

The call should only take about 45 minutes.

You are under no obligation whatsoever when you fill in the application, we will contact shortly to set up a strategic call with you to see if your are the right person for the area.

This call will take about 45 minutes.

Please make sure you have also registered with Skype.com or Zoom so we can place the call.

Thanks again. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Warren Horak