BIOMatic Washing Powder

BIOMatic, ultra concentrated washing powder

  • gives you 4 X MORE washes than regular washing powders
  • cleans your washing machine while it washes your clothes.
  • fantastic as a stain remover
  • can be used in washing machines and also for hand washing
  • can be uses in cold and hot water –

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Fundraising Programme For Schools, Churches, Clubs And Non Profits

Find out how to access funds without costing your members/parents a cent, and without needing their valuable time.

A Fundraising programme that is simple to run, and that taps into existing cash flow to fund your organisation.

Find out how your school, church and non-profit can overcome the Cash Crunch on your members and parents.

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Investment Solutions – Buy-to-Rent Property Investments

Organic Growth


We show you how to grow your wealth organically



  • We show you how to own a R500 000 Buy-To-Rent townhouse for only R40 000
  • We show you how your tenants can pay for your children’s university education.
  • We show you how it is possible for you to retire in 15 years.
  • We coach you step by step in building your own property portfolio.
  • Not just once, but over and over again


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