Purpose Driven Business | Part 1

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Purpose Driven Business Opportunities

By Warren Horak

Why have a purpose driven business? 

This is a very good question. Why indeed?

Before we look at why, let us take a look at what exactly is a purpose driven business.

“A purpose driven business is a business that is designed around fulfilling the purpose of the founders, the staff and the community it serves.

No longer is it good enough just to look at needs and meet them, the key is finding the inner passion and drive that was placed in you when you were created and fulfilling that through the business. This is further developed as we then help others find their purpose. So now let us look at the question, why?

The main reason this is so important is that each individual was created and designed with a purpose. When we walk with this purpose in mind and help others to fulfil their purposes then we will have true success. We will also have more motivation and job satisfaction.

Would you continue to do what you do now, if you did not need the money?

Once we are able to tap into our purpose and help others purposes, then we won’t need need to motivate them as much; as their purpose is what will motivate them.

“Therefore, it is leadership’s role to unlock the purpose within each person they serve.

The business is now not just about the shareholders or customers, but it will be about all the peoples purposes with in the organisation.

Business designed around people

The really powerful and effective businesses that positively change the community are designed around the purpose of the person or people who founded it.

True purposed business is designed around the people and not the people around the business. One business or organisation that has changed its community through fulfilling its member’s purpose is Wikipedia.

It all starts with the founders’ purpose.

The people that join need to match with the founder’s purpose combined with the rest of the team’s purpose and positioning. In fact, the entire business flows from the purpose of the founder.

Weakness in the traditional business planning process

There are many different ways to come up with a business plan. The way we plan, together with the system and tools that we use in the planning process will greatly influence the power of the plan. The better the plan, the better the chance of success.

“The question is then, what is the best planning methodology?

The main weakness in the traditional business planning model is that there is no real individual analysis, the main focus is on business as opposed to the individual. The business was started by people, yet the business starts to take precedence over the people who created and developed it.

The people now revolve around the business as apposed to the business around the people who developed it. The founders eventually find themselves in a place where the business doesn’t want them or doesn’t need them.

The business was originally designed to release the potential and purpose of its founders, the business eventually falls into the founders trap.

Purpose Positioned Entrepreneurs

In the next article we will look at the “purpose positioned entrepreneur”. A purpose positioned entrepreneur; is an entrepreneur who is successfully fulfilling their purpose in the market place, in the right place and the right time.

Do you think business should be designed around the people or the people designed around the business?

Do you have a purposed driven business?

Would you like to know more about a purpose driven business?

Please let me have your comments and questions below


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